Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Theme


The official Justin Bieber theme on your PC


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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is the official wallpaper for the famous teenage singing sensation, and includes various images from his latest concerts around the world.

The theme, a little disappointingly, comes with only four wallpapers, without sound and without screensavers. So all you get when you install the package will be the four high resolution images of Justin Bieber, with transparent white boarders - nothing more.

Fortunately, the package is very easy to install and no one will have any difficulties putting the singer on their desktop if they so wish. A simple double-click on the file 'themepack' is enough to start enjoying it.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never will satisfy his most devoted fans, but the truth is that there would have been nothing wrong with adding a little more to the package. With a few more wallpapers and a screensaver, it would have been fine.
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